Jeff Reznikoff is a Portland based abstract-surrealist fine artist. His favorite medium is charcoal because of its primal and elegant qualities. He also enjoys using pastel, ink, watercolor and acrylic paint. Jeff has a unique style of art that draws from the deep well of the soul and unconscious. 

Art has spiraled through Jeff’s life ever since he was young. Jeff’s fine art focus as an adult began in 1998. He enrolled in the Santa Monica College of Art program, studied Chinese brush painting through UCLA and apprenticed with artists and shamans Linda Jacobson and Fu-Ding Cheng in Venice, California. This is when his current style of charcoal drawing first took shape. Jeff created a lot of art during these years and had the opportunity to exhibit in a variety of locations, including having his drawings used on set for the 2001 Mark Wahlberg film Rockstar

However, Jeff’s focus on creating art gradually took a backseat to life and personal development for quite a few years following some early success. In addition to his Toltec immersion and initiation Jeff later became involved with Dagara ritual village community and grief ceremony in northern California. Following that he completed a Masters degree in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Then he moved to the San Juan mountains in southwest Colorado where he had a daughter and opened up an art gallery. Jeff and his daughter moved to Portland, Oregon in 2013. Over the years Jeff worked a lot with youth as an art teacher, soccer coach and mentor. Despite not creating art prolifically for that stretch of time his art still enjoyed semi-permanent exhibitions in different cities. 

Jeff is back in the studio and has opened the next chapter of life and creativity. He has begun showing in local galleries again and is exploring new paths of imaginative expression.

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