Artist statement

My art is an adventure of imagery from the unconscious. It is an act of surrender. Sometimes a piece begins with an image or scene inspired by a dream or idea, but more often than not it begins with staring at the blank paper or canvas until my hand feels compelled to throw itself into motion. Lines become shapes, the shapes soon reveal images, and eventually an entire narrative is speaking to me from a dynamic abstract flow. They are cryptic transmissions from the center of the universe, aka the heart.

I am inspired by the interconnected, reflective and darkly playful nature of reality and existence. These fundamental truths are consistently at the core of my art. In addition, mythology, ancient history, Mother Earth, time cycles, the underworld and the mystical power of the imagination are integral subjects that contribute to my personal cosmology and often weave themselves into my drawings and paintings as an amalgamation of symbolic, abstract, surreal and literal forms.

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